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CHRYS- A lover of Routines

Bulls eye for CHRYS

Eggs is an mystery waiting to be cracked.  But not for CHRYS for as the sight of eggs makes him so delighted that he can’t wait to crackle it. Chrys picks each EGG with his dainty hands and without a ceremony just plunks it to see it unravel the yellow from the white. He would raid the fridge to discover the eggs or look at the vegetable shopping bag to spy the eggs out.

For Chrys it is his curiosity to see what is inside the white shell. May be he was trying to explore if eggs could fly will it land on its head or tail or just mess about. But to the special teachers and his parents it a problem that needs to be fixed.  The fate of dosa batter is a different story.  Taking handful of batter and making white circles on the floor shocks the adult who looks for his whereabouts and when they see him standing with the dripping hand. Chrys gives the appearance that he has just painted the Last Supper Painting on the floor. 

Parents really wanted the teachers in SPASTN to address the Eggdemolishing and Dosa batter painting.   Solution just required a different palate. Teacher and parents guided Chrys that breaking an egg on the Omelet pan can give breakfast to the family. Dosa can also be painted on the dosa pan similarly. Slow the fascination for eggs and dosa batter just stopped once Chrys was redirected to use his skill in a functional manner. The dosa that Chrys makes is a perfect 360 degree creation that could not have been achieved without a compass. It is Chrysanthus whom we address as Chrys, hit the bull's  eye with perfect ten when given the opportunity to optimize his skill in a constructive manner.   

Introduction about Chrysanthus

Chrysanthus is a calm and at the same time active and  energetic boy of 7 year old.. He  came to IPSA+ Unit in 2017 January from Functional skill Unit as a lover of  routines.. His grandmother who is ready to do anything for the progress of her grandchild, accompanies him every day to school by bus. She used to be very firm with him and assertive in dealing with Chrysanthus. Chrysanthus's father is a business man and mother is in IT field. Chrysanthus has an elder sister who dots on him and yields to his demands while playing with him. Chrysanthus loves taping on the table with pencil rhythmically and repeatedly.

First success

Transition was the prime most challenge for  Chrysanthus . He climbed on the tables, pushed the chairs and pulled out he materials from the cupboard accompanied by shouts and cries when he came into the unit . It was through play that the teachers gained entry into his world. In the beginning of few weeks he was allowed to go and visit his previous classroom and his friends. Transition problem reflected on the Monday activities too.. It is a activity day during which students will transit between four different activities. Chrysanthus took off on the Mondays. Efforts were taken by the teacher and grandmother to inform him (on Friday by the teacher and Sunday by the grandmother) using visual cues. The acceptance to the change emerged in three weeks and this first success was the motivating factor for the parents and the teachers. Waiting for the turn, requesting for the reinforcers, sharing the play materials and active involvement in tasks given are some of the abilities he developed during the days to follow.

 Further Success

When asked about the challenges of parents faced at home, the grandmother mentioned that he insisted on getting ready to school with his routines and uniform even on Saturdays and Sundays and during term end holidays. He would be convinced of not going to school only when he sees his parents going off to work without taking him. A simple plan of action was decided which the parents too can carry out at home. A timetable of 7 days was prepared as a visual aid for Chrysanthus to indicate the school days in green tick and holidays with mark Red Cross . On Fridays before going home teacher showed the visual aid and made him to point the Saturday and Sunday columns and pt the red cross in front of him and said ' No school'. For three to four weeks it was repeated in a similar manner and the  grandmother was also assisted in making such a aid and use it at home. Within a month, Chrysanthus demonstrated his understanding by not throwing tantrums on holidays.

  Future plans :


The academic skills of reading ,writing and Arithmetic were all hidden behind the fear of changes. Once those fears were receding , the academic skills emerged. He writes numbers and alphabets independently and speak two to three words sentences with help. The refusal to wear inner wear and insisting on the same kind of foods are some of the challenges we still face with Chrysanthus at home as well as in school. Steps have been taken for desensitizing his inner wear wearing through oil massages and visual sequence of dressing. The parents and teachers are very sure of these barrier crossings with ease by Chrysanthus and seeing him going to a inclusive school is not so far.