The Spastics Society of Tamilnadu (SPASTN)

Creative Expressions of Sundari

Lamps in the rain
The howling wind poured out its rage,
The fierce dampness cracking the bones
Drapes drawn I lay on the soothing bed
Beneath the bulky quilt and the floral scarf, 
Cushions pampering the sides
The sweater’s purple wool hugging me tight
A refuge I sought!
Alas! I still uttered a chiding displeasure 
At the unceasing rain and the numbing coldness..
Then with a blinding bolt, thundered a reminder, 
Not far from our cozy home, stood a shaky little hut
Housing our maid with three little daughters
“The roof leaked, threatened to fly with the wind,
The single cot floats on the watery floor!”
Said the youngest ,with big bright eyes.
Slapped by this vision, I sat up 
Quilt and cushions, scarf and sweater, 
All fell on the floor... My vanity too!
As mother’s assuring kiss lingered on my cheeks, I cried
With a simple sheet, I lay again, 
A strange glow warming the abysses of my heart 
As my Path and Purpose shone before me
Lit by beautiful Lamps of love and gratitude!



The Soul’s Song 

In the pink’s delicacy of the dawn’s yawn 
In the scarlet brightness of the rooster’s crown 
In the milky white of the calf’s benevolence 

In the bark’s brown bored by the pecker’s beak 
In the light’s rehearsals on the veined leaves 
In the twisted tendrils’ dancing greens 

In the mossy routes of a hurrying stream 
In the grey cells of a pebble smooth 
In the tenacity of the mucky clay 

In the deepest secret of the orange pollen 
In the proud revealing of the summer yellow bloom 
In the ethereal fragrance of the lavender’s purple   

In the serene blue of the twilight’s frankness 
In the celestial crystal of a moonlit sea 
In the silvery aura of the night’s arms 

In the deep black of the diamond’s bed 
In the deep black of the cuckoo’s throat 
In the deep black of the deepest fear 

In the fiery red of an innocent’s blood 
In the colorless drops of God’s tears 
Is etched an atom of mine 

I am the scar-less grief 
I am the penniless smile 
I am the Soul’s search! 

I am the sea shell’s music 
I am the wind’s tune 
I am the Soul’s song!