The Spastics Society of Tamilnadu (SPASTN)

Organization Focus

SPASTN   empowers and enables disabled people to reach their full potential through Education, Training and Employment. Our activities begin with awareness-creation; go on to the screening of newborn babies in Primary Health Centers and Government Hospitals. We offer a wide range of services to parents of disabled children from special schools to Integration/ Inclusive education systems and job-orientated training programmes. We also promote self-help groups. We focus strongly on improving access for the disabled by promoting a barrier free environment.

We collaborate with mainstream sectors like Health, Education, Rural Development, Integrated Child development Scheme (ICDS), Social Welfare, Transport, universities, social defence and women’s development.

We work towards full inclusion of disabled persons, parents and family members as stakeholders in the organization. Our Community Based Rehabilitation programmes and Center Based Rehabilitation programmes, encourages the formation of independent Self Help Groups and Parents Associations.

We are committed to Human Resource Development through training of Parents, Special Educators, Therapists, Government Personnel, Educators and Volunteers. We have promoted Low Cost Technology for the development of mobility and adaptive devices for persons with disabilities.

We educate rural people on the rights of the disabled through Puppet Shows, Street Plays and Villupattu, (popular folk songs with disability issues tuned to hit film songs).

At the core of everything that SPASTN undertakes, is the passionate belief in the dignity of human life. It is for this, which SPASTN champions for the Rights of disabled persons, the right to life, to information, to education, to health, to employment, to social security, to recreation, and to full participation.

Our logo, two interlinked hands, embodies the synergistic linkages and co-operation between persons with disabilities, their families and the community, taking everyone towards our vision of an inclusive society.

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