The Spastics Society of Tamilnadu (SPASTN)

Community Based Rehabilitation


To effectively reach children in rural areas, SPASTN focuses on a self-help model called 'Community Based Rehabilitation' or CBR. These CBR centres are located in remote rural locations.

This programme started as a Mobile Rural Extension programme, in which a Mobile Rehabilitation van served disabled persons through Government Hospitals and Primary Health Centres (PHCs). This has now developed into a full fledged CBR programme with community participation.

The Team of rehabilitation professionals make regular visits to PHCs and Hospitals and develop community run programmes.

SPASTN's CBR teams provide the initial impetus, therapies, special education, social interaction, and vocational training; followed by support for the parents in managing the Rehabilitation Centre on their own, monitored by SPASTN's CBR team.

Some of the programmes are carried over by the local hospitals, especially the early identification and early intervention programmes with, the support from the staff of SPASTN.

Today, CBR Self Help Groups are functioning effectively, because, united in their crisis, they come forward and create their own solutions. They are also encouraged to Advocate for the PWD’s in their community.