The Spastics Society of Tamilnadu (SPASTN)

Special Equipments

The WORTH building in SPASTN houses the Workshop and Orthotic Unit. Adapted Aids, Teaching-Learning Materials, Special Furniture such as special chairs, standing frame, etc. and Orthosis such as splints and braces are fabricated here. The materials manufactured in the workshop are
1 . Low cost.
2. Weightless.
3. Movable and adjustable.
4. Easy to fix and transfer anywhere.
5. Not available in the market.
6. PVC pipes, Aluminium and steel plates used for orthotic appliances.

Products of Workshop:
Paper technology, carpentry, Teaching Learning Materials, specialized furniture such as potty chair, Pommel etc.
Assistive devices are devices that directly help with persons with disabilities in performing his / her self care activities, commonly called as Activities of Daily Living (ADL). Pursuing an Education, information,enjoying freedom of movements in the built environment working and engaiing in leisure activities.For cp andMd childrens.

Purpose of  Assistive devices:
To facilitate or improve their physical, mental, cognitive and social functioning.
To make the persons to achieve maximum functional independence and enable users to fully develop their abilities.

Main types of ADAPTIVE DEVICES manufactured
THERAPY DEVICES: 1.Gaiters, orthoses, standing frames.
MOBIITY DEVICES: Walkers, quadripods, tripods, sticks, etc.
ADL DEVICES: Adapted cutlery, crockery such as spoons with special grips.
COMMUNICATION DEVICES: Communication board, audio-visual aids etc.
EDUCATIONAL DEVICES: TLMs, simulation aids and computer adaptations e.g. head pointer.
RECREATIONAL DEVICES: Swings, toys etc.                                                                          
VOCATIONAL DEVICES: Adaptive hand tools.

1.Special chairs:
2. standing frames                    
APT (Appropriate Paper Technology): Paper technology used which  has proved to be effective in teaching also. Furniture, splints or TLM s can be done using APT.