The Spastics Society of Tamilnadu (SPASTN)

Material Development

SPASTN develops posters, books and pamphlets on disability issues.

SPASTN also produces Videocassettes and VCDs on Disability Management and Rehabilitation.

Most of the published material is translated into Tamil, to make dissemination of information to the rural areas more effective.

A Pocket guide on AUTISM - Be my Bridge to the World

Book on Design Guidelines - Universal Signage & Way Finding

Universal Signage and Wayfinding Design Guidelines, outlines a practical and comprehensive design methodology for the use of signage with an inclusive design approach. It is an important resource to improve access to buildings, sites and spaces for all people including persons with disabilities.

Manual on Neurodevelopmental therapy
SPASTN, with the help of its therapists, has compiled a Manual on Neurodevelopmental therapy. Its key features include an introduction to the Bobath concept and principles of NDT, review of nervous system development and its physiology and theories underlying the Bobath concept. The book has been compiled keeping in mind therapists who are entirely new to the concept of NDT and also to the students interested in learning more about it.

Parent Manual

Parents, who are suddenly confronted by the news of their child’s neurological impairment, are often in a state of shock. SPASTN has produced brochures and handouts for parents to cope with the problem. Information on various aspects of disability and methods of intervention has been provided, including do’s and don’ts for children with CP & Multiple disabilities on proper positioning, feeding, and techniques for facilitating speech.