The Spastics Society of Tamilnadu (SPASTN)

Skill Training Unit

Skill Training Unit of The Spastics Society of Tamilnadu (SPASTN) trains specific skills to children with disabilities. It is a preparatory class for vocational training. The main focus of this unit is to work on job-readiness for the young adults.

The age group is between 12 to 15 years. There are exclusive classrooms for boys and girls separately. Activities are given to improve.

a)    ADL (Activities of Daily Living e.g. brushing teeth, bathing, etc.)
b)    Functional academic skills such as sight-word reading, rote memory of address, phone number etc.
c)    Vocational skills. Example: Paper bag making, housekeeping
d)    Social skills.
e)    Shopping skills. Example: Purchasing snack items in the shop.
f)    Safety skills. Example: precautions to be taken while ironing clothes.
g)    Problem solving skills. Example: If the child loses his way, he can get back home by calling his parents over phone.
h)    Correcting behaviour skills. Example: Being selfish.
i)    Personal cleanliness. Example: Take bath daily.
j)    Domestic skills. Example: Washing vessels, shopping.
k)    Cooking skills. Example: Making vegetable and fruit salads and noodles.
l)    Good manners & habits.
m)    Extracurricular activities such as sports, art and crafts.
n)    Frequent visits to public places - To be able to travel independently using public transport and learn to behave appropriately in public places.

Activities in Brief

a)    Apart from all these activities, students with disabilities attend Hand Wellness Programme to improve their fine motor skills.
b)    In order to promote their physical fitness, they attend the Adaptive Gymnasium.
c)    To improve speech and communication, they attend Speech Therapy regularly.
d)    To overcome their sensory problems, they attend sessions on Sensory Integration.
e)    To improve their balance and coordination, they attend Physiotherapy Programme.
f)    They attend painting & Art and Craft session regularly.
g)    They participate in sports and painting competition frequently.
h)    They play indoor & outdoor games daily.
i)    Students also undergo periodic medical checkup by general physician, orthopedician, neurologist, dentist, ophthalmologist, & psychiatrist.
j)    Children with disabilities, if required, undergo counseling by specialist.

Thus Skill Training Unit is empowering the differently-abled persons and helps them undergo Vocational Training with confidence.