The corner stone and guiding values of engaging families with disabled children are to ensure PERSON and FAMILY CENTRED CARE [P&FCC]:

SPASTN’s P&FCC is driven by following values:

Mutual respect – Families bring phenomenal insight about their child and so our teachers and professionals always respect and listen to them.

Collaboration – To increase participation across School, Community and Home SPASTN actively engages and collaborates with the Person with Disability as an active player, and ensures that intervention and Individualized Educational Plans or Individualized Transition Plans are developed by involving families in decision making. SPASTN rallies the support of other agencies so that the family can draw on resources and benefits that they are entitled to. When families and educators work together as partners, it enhances the likelihood that children with disabilities will have positive and successful learning experiences.

Partnership – The parent is taken as an Expert and the communication is culturally sensitive in keeping with the cultural, social and economic milieu of the family.


We would cry together, laugh together, be angry together and admit mistakes together without any fear of criticism” – Parents

SPASTN brings in EXPERTS from various fields such as Medical Fraternity, Rehabilitation professionals, and other experts so that they have better understanding of the disability, and gain insight in managing behaviors, enhance activity participation and learn to advocate for their children.

SPASTN empowers PARENTS by:

  • Making families to ADVOCATE FOR THEMSELVES to break attitudinal, physical barriers and access RIGHTS
  • Encouraging FAMILY’S ACTIVE INVOLVEMENT AND ROLE IN ASSESSEMENT AND INTERVENTION so that they are NOT passive recipients of services


No family is hardwired and skilled to manage a child with disabilities as all couples look forward to having normal children. The moment a family comes to terms following the diagnosis by medical fraternity that their child is “At Risk of disability” or “disabled” it shakes the very foundation of the family and serves as a source of severe psychological trauma that often disrupts the family’s ability to cope with the new reality. Grief, Trauma, Stress etc following the diagnosis disrupt the families in addition to physical, social, cultural and financial burden they carry. Counseling is an ongoing process that families need at different points as the child grows and faces newer challenges across life-span.

AT SPASTN families and in particular Mother is the core around which our team works by providing counseling support, training and formally (or informally) rallying support from more experienced parents. The SPASTN team of Teachers and Therapists provide skills training on aspects such as carrying, lifting, transferring, feeding, behavior regulation and communication especially for children with Cerebral Palsy, Intellectual impairment, Multiple Disability, Autism and multisensory impairment. The interactions with families are carried out regularly as well as during Parent Meetings or Case Conferences or during inter-disciplinary case discussion if the situation warrants.

Our Social Worker also links the family to social and financial resource support based on the needs of the family.

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