Newborn Screening & Identification

SPASTN carries out newborn screening in public hospitals:

Newborn screening is carried within weeks of infant is born. Early detection of high risk cerebral palsy or other neurological conditions is the best way forward to ensure intervention tailored for Cerebral Palsy or other Neurological conditions to ensure early best standard of care is implemented to optimize on neuroplasticity, prevent complications and enhance parent and caregiver well-being.

Children who are born prematurely, or there is Intra-uterine growth disorder or birth complications.

Newborn baby screening carried out from 1991 onwards with support from Department of Health across major public hospitals and primary health centre’s in Chennai and Thiruvallur Districts.


Assessment is a way of observing, collecting, evaluating, determining and recommending the best way by which the school, teachers and families can decide on special education placement for the child with special needs. The team of professionals such as special education teachers, therapists, medical doctors etc may be involved at the time of initial intake or once admitted from time to time so that best intervention can be provided. In SPASTN we do Criterion Based Assessment.

At the core of all assessment parent or caregivers besides child observation are the key source of information gathering about the child’s potential.

Teachers and therapists in Special Education observe, seek out and assess the child’s specific learning styles, strengths and needs, and to determine ways to support families to access benefits and schemes that Government of TamilNadu provides. REFERRAL IS ALSO ANOTHER KEY OUTCOME OF ASSESSMENT. We look and gather data to see how best to serve your child. ALWAYS!!!!!

Early Intervention Services:

Where Can I find support: @SPASTN.. Walk in and talk to US.

Parents and Professionals Working Together to Help Babies Develop and Learn is our Mantra since 1981.

I am so happy I came to SPASTN when my child was just few months old. Given the early start I am so happy she is improving in all areas – mobility, communication and social skills. Mum

Early Childhood Intervention – Babies learn and grow at their own rate. Some babies need a little extra help. Since babies grow and learn quickly, it is important to get extra help as early as possible if you or your baby’s doctor has any concerns about your baby’s development. So this is called Early Intervention.

The first 6 years are crucial for children laying the foundation for all areas of learning and development. Children with developmental delay with appropriate and timely intervention can easily be integrated into regular school after the Early Childhood Intervention. SPASTN has carefully designed activities and learning experiences at this time of rapid brain development helps children to form new neural pathways much more readily.

We PRIMARILY FOCUS ON GOALS that are organically integrated into each child’s natural home environment, school and around the community neigbourhood.


Team WorkFamily & Child Centered
Natural Settings socially &
culturally appropriate

How do you get STARTED?

As a family you have lots of strength which SPASTN draws out on.

  • FIRST start building on your child’s and your family strength;
  • OBSERVE and COMMUNICATE with other Parents to draw on their experience and wisdom;
  • TALK to teachers or other parents in the class about your challenges and concerns You or Your family is having;
  • FIND out how your child is Learning, Moving, Talking/Communicating, eating and behavior;

The Special Education teacher mentors and guides parents to weave through day-to-day routines associated with the child as the basis for developing language, communication, motor skills, and social interaction skills. SPECIAL EDUCATION is THAT SIMPLE. Grandparents, siblings, and key caregivers are the world for your child. So draw their support to carry out stimulation as suggested by SPASTN team. WE work to BUILD your confidence, innate skill and your competence to attain your child’s fullest potential. Where all Early Intervention (EI) services provided in SPASTN?

Come contact any one of our centers in Taramani, Oldwashermanpet, Ayanavaram and in Thiruvallur Community Based Rehabilitation Center.

Do I need Disability Card for my Child?

YES!!! The National ID Card will help in many ways to access education, assistive devices, concessions etc.

So where do I get National Identity Card for my child or son/daughter?

 1 Gist of the Scheme Issue of National identity cards to Differently Abled. National  Identity cards  are  issued  by  
District Differently Abled Welfare Officers based on the Disability Certificate
 2 Eligibility Criteria Should have a minimum of 40%  disability
 3 Whether form of application is
Yes. Available with District Differently Abled Welfare Office
 4 Certificates to be furnished Medical Certificate should be obtained from the competent Medical  authority  (ie.)  concerned Specialist. In  case  of multiple disabled person, certificate should be obtained from
Medical Board
 5 Officer to whom the application is to be submitted District Differently Abled Welfare Officer
 6 Grievances if any to be addressed to Principal Secretary / State Commissioner for the Differently Abled,
State Resource cum Training Centre Campus, Jawaharlal Nehru Inner Ring Road, 
K.K.Nagar, Chennai – 600 078.
Ph: 044-24719947 / 48 / 49

This has been drawn on 30th June 2019 for dissemination of information.

Please contact the District hospital with documents listed below. The Director General of Health Services, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare will be able to determine eligibility and be the final authority to issue ID card.

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