Vocational Training Program – School to Work:

Youth with disabilities are trained to develop skills in arts, crafts, weaving, housekeeping and other such skills that will enable them to take up self-employment with support from family or take up employment in service sector such as food and beverage, or hospitality sector or retail outlets.

Able@WoW (World of Work) – School to Work Program

Sunshine CafΓ© @SPASTN – Site Training

Till date placements of 38 students in On-the-Job Training, Work Experience Program and Open Employment

ABLE@WOW’s is a community based vocational training program with key community partners from the Food & Beverage and Hospitality Services industry.

Key Skills are Employability Skills:

  1. Attendance & Punctuality
  2. Dress & Hygiene
  3. Relating with Others
  4. Work Behaviors
  5. Self-Regulation

The project focus is on key areas such as Food & Beverage, Environmental Cleaning and Hospitality Services. We carry out career assessment for students before we train them.

The context of training shall be both at the Centre based and on-job-training gradually moving on to work-experience program. The on-the-job training differentiates itself from work-experience program as the staff of SPASTN will be providing job and skills training support at the work site and when a student’s skills have reached a level of fluency the amount of staff support would be gradually reduced to being intermittent when on work-experience program. The program prepares the community partners through Employer Education program. The school works closely with employers so that once our students are placed on the job we have created the support systems to ensure sustainability on the job.


We train students in weaving using imported looms from Japan. The weaving units are both user friendly and easy to learn. We make key holders, Stole, table mats, mufflers on these looms.

Weaving – Floor mats

Students with limited motor or attention skills are training in weaving floor mats.

  • Eco friendly sanitary napkin disposal bags carry bags, folders, pen holder etc.,
  • Fashion Jewelery
  • Candles, Clay Diyas, Phenol, Soap oil etc
  • We take adhoc bulk orders for paper bags

Our weekly programme activities focus on developing key areas of:

  • Personal Health & Fitness Skills
  • Daily Living Skills
  • Vocational Work Skills
  • Social Interaction Skills
  • Community Living Skills
  • Leisure & Recreation Skills

ADMISSION for Vocational Training Program

  1. All year round
  2. Applicant must be 18 years to 24 years of age. Students will receive training for a maximum of 3 years
  3. Conditional Placement (3 weeks)

In addition, the applicant must:

  • Be in good health and free from infectious disease
  • Have any existing medical / psychiatric issues (e.g. seizures, epilepsy and psychosis) actively addressed and maintained
  • Be able to control emotions in a socially appropriate manner, with supports
  • Be free of uncontrollable risk behaviour towards self, others or property
  • Be able to manage basic self-help skills (e.g. feeding, mobility, dressing) with supports
  • Be able to be self-managed in toileting
  • Be able to work independently within a group
  • Be able to understand basic one-step instructions (e.g. stop, come, sit, give)
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