Persons with disabilities empowered to live and thrive in inclusive community that respects diversity and human rights.


SPASTN is committed to enhancing the quality of life of Persons with Disabilities* (PwD) and their families by:

  1. Providing person-centric programs and services to enable PwD to achieve their fullest potential
  2. Engaging and advocating community partners and public to co-create Accessible Environments free from physical, environmental and attitudinal barriers
  3. To deliver human resources and services of the highest quality incorporating contemporary innovations in rehabilitation management.

Values –


Respect the unique potential and abilities of PwD

Demonstrate Compassion and Integrity through Teamwork within and across staff, families and other stakeholders.

Strive for Quality and Excellence in work

Our logo, two interlinked hands, embodies the synergistic linkages and co-operation between persons with disabilities, their families and the community, taking everyone towards our vision of an inclusive society. 

Our Strategy

The overarching strategy of SPASTN is twofold firstly to be cost and reach effective through continual monitoring, review, enhancement and evaluation of our services in anticipation of the changing aspirations and needs of our students or stakeholders. To be cost and reach effective SPASTN collaborates through multi-sectoral linkages with various Departments of State Government such as Health, Education, Welfare, Rural Development, Women Development, etc. These departments have Macro reach with Micro outlets. SPASTN leverages on their verticals so that Children with Disabilities can be served by them within their programs. So SPASTN builds the capacity of the front line and mid-line officials to identify the disability and provide intervention in inclusive programs.

The second strategy is the continuous engagement of stakeholders such as our alumni students, students, parents, our NGO partners, donors, our therapy and teaching staff so that programs can be evaluated and refined based on felt and emerging needs.

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