The Spastics Society of Tamilnadu (SPASTN)

Vision & Mission


SPASTN envisages an inclusive society which respects and values diversity, human rights and participation of persons with disabilities on an equal basis with others in all aspects of community life.


  1. To empower persons with  disabilities through Education, Health Care, Employment and Advocacy
  2. To promote Accessible Environments free from physical, environmental and attitudinal barriers
  3. To deliver human resources and services of the highest quality-based human  resources and services


The Vision and Mission of SPASTN will be achieved through:

  1. Partnerships between people with disabilities, families, professionals and civil society
  2. Networking and Convergence with all relevant sectors, both Government and Private
  3. Professional and Personal commitment to quality, standards, integrity and ethics
  4. Development of:-
  5. Sustainable Services
  6. Comprehensive Information systems
  7. Accessible technologies
  8. Accountable Managements