Early Intervention for 0-6 year old children

Set development goals to grow with your child

Early intervention is about helping a child early in his or her development, usually from birth through age six. Intervention is critical during this period because a child learns and grows at the fastest rate. Our early intervention service is centred around the children, and their families or caregivers. Children are screened for cognitive, behavioural, psycho-social interventions.


SPASTN’s goal through intervention is to increase the child’s participation in routine activities but with the support of the family. Our in-centre training and at-home support help the caregivers to work with their children in their natural environment to give them confidence.

Our strong referral network of hospitals, pediatricians, and therapists helps make our services seamless and empowers families of disabled children. Our referrals also come in through front line workers who work with socially and economically vulnerable section of society. Welfare workers, Anganwadi workers and even public bus drivers who operate around the school locations – all fall into our strong referral network.

Early Detection

Onward Training

Transition Planning

Vocational Training


Open up opportunities for the disabled. Apply to SPASTN

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