Vocational Training

The Pathway to Financial Freedom

While education is empowering, skill training is the ultimate path to independence. SPASTN’s vocational training programs are for young adults above the age of 16 who have completed their basic schooling. They are trained in trades and skills that will make them employable and self-sufficient. Successful completion of our vocational training program helps students get placed in employment. Our training enables them to get accepted into regular society with minimum stress.

Vocational Training

Curriculum Streams at SPASTN

Skill Development

Students graduate from rudimentary skills such as diya painting or thread preparation or varnishing to developing mastery in product making. They move on to master cloth weaving, tailoring, block printing, woodwork, art & painting, jewellery making, baking, paper bags, painting, weaving , candles making, horticulture etc.

Orthotic and Wood Workshop

Customized insoles, braces, splints, callipers, footwear, spinal jackets and helments for students with neurological impairment. Specialized seating solutions for students with special needs.

School to Work Program

Students are trained to get exposure in real time authentic training in job sites for on-site training or work experience program. The training may last from few weeks to few months.

Information Communication Technology

Student are taught in collaboration with NIIT Foundation with specially enabled equipment. This ensures they are equipped for the information age and also are ready for mainstream education.


students placed in
open employment till date
from 2011 onwards.


of students who have been vocationally trained
since inception


of self sufficient and independent adults enabled

Early Detection

Early Intervention

Onward Training

Transition Planning


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