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M. Kasim: SPASTN is my extended family

My son Mohammad Kasim was about 8 months old when I noticed that he could not do most of the things others children would do at his age. This worried me; why wasn’t my child rolling his head, babbling, clapping hands and crawling like other kids? There was also constant pressure from my own family for being responsible for Kasim’s condition. 

This was when I came to SPASTN Ayanavaram. The team helped me understand Kasim’s problem and trained me to work with him. The motivation provided by the SPASTN team gave me the feeling of working with one big family. Now at 1.5 years of age, Kasim can walk sideways with support and do a lot more than before! I’m happy to say that SPASTN is my extended family. 

  • As narrated by Kasim’s mother
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